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w, much pacified matters, ▓or at anyrate gave the king still more aid ●from the English people as distinc▓t from the Norman barons.Again Robert o●f Bellème on the Welsh border revolted, but w▓as driven into exile by the sover●eign: in the

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claim of Robert ▓to the throne, Englishmen sided with Henry, an●d for the first time served abroad ●to defeat the pretender at Tenchebrai.But He▓nry left no male successor, and Matilda his▓ daughter was distasteful to ●the barons, who chose Stephen●, grandson of the Conqueror, as king.This

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cre●ated two factions—that of Stephen and th

Henry I.


at of M▓atilda, the first of the gre▓at Civil

’s● marr


Wars (for now the “English” cou●nted for much more than heretofore), and the

k●ing, unlike his predecessors, unwisely allowin●g the barons to build castles on their own ▓lands, paid for his over-confidence.F▓or Matilda’s party, led first by ▓the Earl of Gloucester, formed in the west of En?/p>


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駁land, assisted by David King of Scots in t▓he north.Stephen advanced against the latter, d▓efeating the former at Northallerton,▓ and

after many vicissitudes ●on both sides, the war ceased by the ▓retirement of Matilda to Normandy. ▓ So in anarchy and suffering—suffering